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Rent an Office in Izmir and Get All Office Services in One Place

Rent an Office in Izmir and Get All Office Services in One Place

One of the biggest question marks for those considering renting an office in Izmir is where to rent an office?…

Plaza Cubes, one of the biggest helpers of those looking for offices in Izmir, offers virtual and ready office options with low costs for legal office use, serving at Mistral Bayraklı. Plaza Cubes Izmir Mistral office is located in an easily accessible location thanks to its proximity to the city center.

Why Mistral Bayraklı Izmir?

Izmir is one of Turkey’s largest and most populous cities. Especially in recent years, there has been an increasing interest in virtual and ready offices in the city, where the young entrepreneur population is dense.

Mistral Bayraklı provides services with different package options within the scope of virtual office services. Access to offices where all the opportunities of the Bayraklı region are utilized is very easy. The offices, which are 20 minutes away from the airport, are designed for daily use as well. You can reach the offices by both bus and metro.

Advantages of Using an Office in Mistral Bayraklı

  • When we say Izmir virtual office, one of the first places that come to mind, Mistral Bayraklı, surpasses office furniture and secretary costs with ready office options. All services and expenses such as dues, electricity, and heating are covered by Mistral Izmir. Thus, an entrepreneur renting an office can focus only on their own business.
  • One of the most striking details among the advantages of virtual office is the handling and delivery of your cargoes. Even if you are not in the office, your cargo is received by the staff and delivered to you in the healthiest way.
  • You can also benefit from meeting and event rooms, not just offices. Whenever you need, you can sign creative works with your team in meeting rooms specially prepared for you.
  • If you use a dedicated desk option, you will have a locked office and a desk ready in your office, and you will only have to think about the details related to your business.
  • In Mistral Bayraklı, not only office rental services but also a full monthly program with various corporate events awaits you.

Izmir Virtual Office Prices

In Mistral Bayraklı, you can rent the office that suits your budget within the packages with different contents. With monthly, daily, and hourly rentals, you can even conduct your meeting business exclusively.

Ready office prices can be in a different category compared to other options in terms of reflecting today’s modern offices. Entrepreneurs who rent ready offices can also participate in monthly events organized by Plaza Cubes.

Since renting a virtual office, especially in a city like Izmir, will be an investment that will work quite well, it provides service to you regardless of where you are in Izmir. Your virtual office will be your legal invoice address, and you will be able to easily manage your business. Virtual office prices are more cost-effective compared to other options.

In Mistral Bayraklı, it is possible to find offices suitable for every option and request. In addition to that, those who only want to rent meeting rooms can also purchase from the specified packages. These meeting rooms provide service exclusively to you during the time you rent. During the meeting, refreshments such as tea, coffee, and cookies are provided by Plaza Cubes.

Experience the Privilege of Renting a Virtual Office in Izmir

Mistral Bayraklı, located in the center of a big city like Izmir, offers a modern appearance with its external appearance. In the offices where every detail is thought of in interior design, you can host your customers with peace of mind and highlight your corporate identity. Security cameras are monitored 24 hours a day in the offices, and security personnel work 24 hours a day, in shifts. You can also take advantage of virtual and ready office options to be neighbors with Turkey’s leading companies.

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