Serviced Office

Take advantage of our flexible Ready Office packages starting at 9.500 TL + VAT!

Serviced Office, as its name implies, is the office where all office furniture is ready and all office services such as administrative assistant, dues such as electricity, heating, cooling are managed by the leased company. Plaza Cubes Offices are established in 6 different central locations in the main and largest cities of Ankara and Istanbul, equipped with all your needs in mind for your comfort. And thanks to ABCN, the world’s largest network in the serviced office office sector, you can get free office usage services in 800 different locations in 34 countries.

Advantages of Renting a Serviced Office

Serviced Office

Daily Catering

Daily refreshments such as tea, coffee, and espresso.


Serviced Office

High-Speed Internet

Reliable, high-speed wireless internet and Ethernet connection.

Serviced Office

Meeting Rooms

Technology-supported meeting rooms for hosting your guests and reconnecting with the team.

Serviced Office

Printing Service

Printers and all the technical equipment necessary for an office.

Serviced Office

Office Usage

24/7 Secure Workspaces

Serviced Office

Receptionist and Mail Services

Your documents and calls are monitored.

Serviced Office

Coworking Space Usage

Cleaned and well-ventilated hygienic offices with regular maintenance.

Serviced Office

Rental Locker

Lounge and common areas with creative design for relaxation and socializing during work breaks.

Serviced Office

Serviced Office Services: Flexible Working

Plaza Cubes, providing services in 15 locations across 2 countries and 4 cities worldwide, offers fully equipped ready offices and 24/7 shared spaces.


With spacious and comfortable work areas, you can manage your business at any time and conduct professional meetings in our modern and technological meeting rooms. Our ready office solutions, equipped with flexibility and comfort tailored to the needs of your business, allow you to manage your work from anywhere.

Serviced Office: Rental with Plaza Cubes

Ready office rental at Plaza Cubes brings practicality and comfort to the business world. Our fully equipped offices, where you can quickly start operations, offer flexible leasing options tailored to your short and long-term needs.

Whether for a few hours, a few months, or any duration you prefer, our offices provide all the necessary infrastructure services. The advantages of renting a ready office with Plaza Cubes include a work environment that facilitates your business and professional support services.

Serviced Office
Serviced Office

Difference Between Serviced Office and Virtual Office

While ready offices encompass a physical office space along with all necessary office services, virtual offices primarily offer remote support services such as address services and telephone answering.


Ready offices provide businesses with a ‘turnkey’ solution, offering on-site working opportunities and complete office infrastructure. On the other hand, virtual offices are more suitable for remote workers or frequent travelers, emphasizing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. While both provide flexibility and cost efficiency, ready offices offer businesses a physical space and a professional work environment.

How to Get Started?

Find a carefully designed workspace at Plaza Cubes locations in your city.

Have you identified the suitable space for you? Talk to our sales representative to learn more and visit the location.

Feel at home! We’ll prepare your office right away so you can start working from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Ready Office system, office services such as administrative assistant, maintenance, electricity, heating, cooling, etc. are managed by the renting company. Thanks to packages where all general expenses are included in a single bill, you can easily calculate your annual expenses and eliminate all hidden costs.

With our Ready Office rental service, you can reserve our professional meeting rooms through our reservation system, enhancing the prestige of your client meetings.

Ready offices offer many privileges to users. For example, you can have an office in technological and modern plazas in the city center, which would otherwise be quite costly to rent, at very reasonable prices. Processes such as office cleaning, IT, other infrastructure services, and the preparation of meeting rooms are organized by us.

There is no minimum lease duration in our Ready Office service. You can rent for the duration you need. For long-term needs, you can also sign a contract at favorable rates for monthly/yearly leasing.

All of Plaza Cubes’ offices in 4 cities and 12 locations have 24/7 building security. In addition, our office corridors are monitored by security cameras 24/7, recording everything in real-time. Furthermore, all of our offices have a card entry system. Only you can enter and exit your office with your designated card.

Our Ready Offices are available for 24/7 use. You and your employees can access the offices by swiping your individual access cards at the door sensors. However, lounge usage and refreshments are only available between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM on weekdays.

We offer Ready Offices starting from minimum single and double room options, suitable for small and medium-sized teams. Additionally, as Plaza Cubes, unlike our competitors, we have the ability to prepare custom-designed offices that meet your specified number of people, with ample space, spaciousness, and all the necessary technological infrastructure.

You can choose from Plaza Cubes’ Ready Office spaces located in 4 cities and 12 locations. For other Plaza Cubes locations, you can make a purchase to use offices or meeting rooms.

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