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Ready Offices: The New Favorite for Those Seeking Rental Offices

Ready Offices: The New Favorite for Those Seeking Rental Offices

For those looking for a rented office, the online platforms that are heavily preferred lack basic necessities such as an office desk, chair, internet and phone line, office cabinet, and even lighting. Consequently, when it comes to office rentals, additional expenses beyond the office rent make it quite challenging for companies to operate.

Entrepreneurs, startups, or individuals looking to change their work style face one of the biggest challenges mentioned, which is these office and office needs. All of these require a significant investment. Instead of renting a brand new office from scratch, new solutions are now possible. Furnished offices are available where you can simply take your computer and go, with a wide range of office services from A to Z. These furnished offices are known as the new generation of offices, rather than being referred to as big corporate structures. Furnished rental offices are turnkey and ready for use. After selecting a furnished office, all you need to do is send the necessary documents. Typically, sound insulation systems are available in offices of the size you will use according to your taste. Furnished offices eliminate the difficulties encountered in the office rental process by eliminating real estate agents, rent, office furniture, and similar challenges, allowing you to focus on your work. Regardless of the field of business, furnished offices provide economic and sustainable advantages to everyone. If you want to start your business with minimal effort, the furnished office method is ideal for you.

You can rent a furnished office by examining the opportunities offered by Plazacubes. While the opportunities provided by furnished offices are quite similar to each other, the location of the office, assistants, kitchen, and internet service capabilities will directly affect your business. Knowing all the details will help you make the right decision. Typically, furnished office rental options are determined on an hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Depending on your business plan, you can save by choosing monthly or yearly leasing. Whether you have a single person or a large team, furnished offices are a more advantageous option than renting or buying an office from scratch due to the facilities they offer. With Plazacubes‘ fully equipped furnished office solutions, you can benefit from foreign-speaking staff, conference facilities, and support services. Moreover, you can easily calculate annual expenses with packages that include all expenses in a single invoice, eliminating all hidden costs. Depending on the budget you allocate to buy an office, you can choose a furnished office with different options and functions. The criteria for determining the furnished office price may vary according to the location, size, or external wall of the office you choose. You can easily rent an office that suits your desires and needs with Plazacubes‘ furnished office opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Plazacubes furnished office options:

  • You will have a strong and fast internet connection.
  • Parcels and mail coming to your company are received in your name and delivered to you.
  • Your visitors and customers are greeted by assistants.
  • Phone calls to your company are answered on your behalf.
  • You can use meeting rooms if needed.
  • You can benefit from services such as photocopying and scanning.
  • You can expand or reduce your office according to the number of employees you have.
  • Furnished offices are close to transportation facilities, making it easier for your customers.

Rental Office Prices

Looking for a rental office, but the prices are too high. If you don’t have a team yet or have a very small team, there’s another option for you. Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular today and provide great convenience to institutions, brands, and entrepreneurs. Virtual offices allow you to use them as your official address, communicate via email, hold meetings, and benefit from assistant services. Compared to traditional office services, the most affordable office rental system is the virtual office. Contrary to popular belief, virtual offices are one of the legal rental options. According to the explanation in the Turkish Commercial Code, virtual offices can continue their activities completely legally in our country. One thing to keep in mind is that virtual offices must have address and contact information.

Instead of spending time on rental office expenses, you can easily handle your business quickly and easily with virtual offices that you can choose according to your needs. Contrary to what is thought, opening a virtual office is a very easy method. All you need to do to open a virtual office is to determine the virtual office package that suits your needs and prepare the necessary documents. The virtual office service is an economical and ethically appropriate alternative. You can start your work immediately without thinking about invoices, furniture, real estate agents, rent, membership fees, and other expense items. The virtual office concept allows you to use all the advantages of a permanent office at an affordable price, even if you don’t have an office. It is very important to choose a virtual office that suits your needs and desires. By considering your future business plan, you can expand or reduce your team, or you can also benefit from furnished office services in addition to virtual offices. The advantages provided by virtual offices will vary depending on the virtual office features and packages you choose.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Plazacubes virtual office options:

  • You no longer need to spend time on renting a new office.
  • You can start your work immediately without thinking about furniture, kitchen, office equipment, etc.
  • Incoming calls to your company are answered and forwarded to you.
  • You can manage your budget by purchasing a virtual office package according to your expenses.
  • It provides convenience in operational business situations.
  • You can easily meet with employees in different locations in a virtual office.

Office Rental Opportunities at Plazacubes

Generally preferred as an alternative to rented offices are virtual offices and furnished offices. However, apart from these, other alternatives that you can choose according to your needs are as follows: coworking, dedicated desks, and meeting rooms. Let’s briefly talk about these alternatives:

Rental office alternative Coworking; In the coworking area, you can find the work, rest, and networking opportunities you need. You can plan your working hours on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis according to your needs, and you can have the opportunity to collaborate with other employees around you. While you can experience the comfort of a fully equipped office at any desk you want, when you take a break from work and look around, you can create countless opportunities for collaboration.

Rental office alternative dedicated desk; The dedicated desk alternative is ideal for those who prefer not to work at home or in a café or those who prefer to work in an office environment. When you choose the dedicated desk option, you can continue your work professionally at your office desk at any time and in any way you want. Those who choose the dedicated desk option are provided with a locked cabinet and telephone assistant support.

Rental office alternative meeting room: Regardless of the size, meeting rooms have become a necessity for every company. One of the frequently preferred methods as an alternative to renting an office is meeting rooms. You can easily determine the width of the meeting rooms at Plazacubes according to your needs. In addition, during meetings, you can benefit from technical support such as a computer, sound, as well as services such as water and coffee with Plazacubes.

When hosting your customers in a meeting room decorated with modern ideas, you can meet with visitors in a meeting room equipped with Wi-Fi, a projector, a whiteboard, and presentation with pleasure. By considering the advantages of Plazacubes, you will be able to achieve successful results for your customers in the meetings you will hold. Plazacubes has all the facilities for you.

By determining the needs of your business, you can benefit from rented office, furnished office, virtual office, coworking, dedicated desk, and meeting room opportunities at Plazacubes instead of spending time on office expenses.

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