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Starting a Company | How to Establish a Company?

Starting a Company | How to Establish a Company?

How to Establish a Company, is a frequently asked question. Do you have a business idea and a plan, and do you want to start a company to bring it to life? Then, you first need to decide which type of company you will establish. After deciding on the type of company that suits you, you should fulfill the requirements to establish a company. The cost of establishing a company will vary depending on the type of company you choose. First, you need to learn what is required to establish a company. After completing procedures such as registration, notarization, and taxation, you can establish your company within a few days. The most important decision you need to make when establishing a company is the type of company you will establish. Starting a company from scratch is not an easy task. You will need to have the address and phone information of your office when you establish the company. By getting virtual office services from Plaza Cubes, you can prepare your office when your company is established. Taking advantage of virtual office services can make your life easier.

How to Establish a Company

Types of Companies

When examined, one of the most important issues in the company establishment process is deciding on the type of company. The steps to establish a company will also vary depending on whether the company type is Limited or Joint Stock. Limited companies are advantageous in terms of minimum capital. When it comes to Joint Stock companies, partners are only responsible for the capital shares they specify. In a Limited company, partners are not liable for company debts. The most significant difference between establishing an Anonim or Limited company is the amount of capital. Today, the minimum cost of establishing a Limited company is at least 10,000 TL. To establish a Joint Stock company, the minimum cost is 50,000 TL. The question of “How to establish a sole proprietorship” is encountered frequently. Types of sole proprietorships are; general partnership, collective partnership, ordinary commandite partnership. If you ask, “What is a sole proprietorship?”; these are companies that can be established as individuals, and partners have unlimited liability. When starting the company, you need to examine the company types and decide which one is suitable for you.

Steps to Establish a Company

When you start to take steps to establish a company, you need to determine your capital first. Depending on the capital and partnerships, you can decide which type of company to establish. The capital is expected to be sufficient to keep the company alive until it starts to make a profit. If there are devices, machinery, etc., to be purchased at the initial stage, it is advisable to have as much capital as possible. After determining your capital to start a new company, if it is an individual Limited company, the document processing costs will be around 1500-2000 TL, excluding rent and accountant fees. In the case of Joint Stock companies, it is expected that one-fourth of the specified capital will be deposited into the bank before the company is established. When you establish a company, you will need to have your office address and telephone information ready. Plaza Cubes offers you a unique service for establishing a company. You can have an address and telephone number for your company by using virtual office services.

How to Establish a Company

Establishing a Company and Its Responsibilities

Once your tax number is determined, you will need to fulfill some responsibilities. You need to have the articles of association printed and signed at the notary public. Then, you need to authorize an accountant to establish a company. It is mandatory to open an account in the name of your company at the bank with the tax number you have obtained. One-fourth of the capital will be blocked by the bank until the company is established. After completing the bank blockage, you can use your money when your company is established. After your accountant registers your company with the relevant Chamber of Commerce, you will need to obtain signature circulars from the notary public. Once the Chamber of Commerce registration is completed, you will need to specify your company’s address. The requirements for establishing a company are not limited to these. When establishing a company, in order to avoid office rental expenses, you can take advantage of virtual office or ready-to-rent office services from Plaza Cubes.

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