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Effective Communication and Success Relationship in Office Life

Effective Communication and Success Relationship in Office Life

Communication is of paramount importance in our lives, just as it is in the office life, where we spend most of our days. As office space prices have increased and employers are inclined to encourage remote work, we wanted to share our article on how those working in offices understand that they have a blessing and how they should protect this social environment.

Considering the increasing trend of working from home after the pandemic and the rate of using virtual offices, the number of team members in the office has decreased.

However, even today, one of the areas where communication accidents are most common is the business communications that take place in the office environment. One of the main reasons for this is that people with different cultures and backgrounds are in the same environment for a common purpose, and while doing so, they choose different ways to express their emotions and thoughts in the right way and in the right way.

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According to a study by the US-based Gartner firm, 70% of business mistakes are due to poor communication.

Putting all these negatives aside, what are the contributions of healthy communication?

1- Strengthens Teamwork

Imagine how strong they can be together when individuals who trust each other and use honest and open communication work together.

2- Accelerates Growth

In work environments where clarity and communication are the basis, you will see that projects and tasks are completed quickly and in compliance with instructions.

3- Contributes to Innovation

In a work environment where expressing thoughts is not hesitated, and open communication exists, it is not surprising that new ideas are flying around.

4- Increases Productivity

Effective and clear communication not done on time will come back to you as a loss of time, effort, and resources.

5- Improves Your Skills

Open communication with your managers and the open communication directed towards you by your manager allows hidden talents and ideas to be discovered. Maybe in the accounting department, there is a ‘brand expert’ waiting to be discovered, who knows?

In the end, every environment with open and clear communication improves communication and establishes sustainable relationships.

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