Serviced, Virtual and Shared Offices in Turkey - Plaza Cubes Serviced, Virtual and Shared Offices in Turkey - Plaza Cubes
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You Manage Your Business

We Manage Your Office

It has been 14 years since we started and we are continuing to serve our 2800+ customers with the same enthusiasm as our first day. Our experienced team will ensure that your modern serviced or virtual office runs smoothly, so you can concentrate on your business.


Virtual Office

A virtual office is an office solution where you can give a fixed address for your business, where your cargos are received, and where you can conduct meetings, use the lounge areas, but where your fixed work space (desk, seat, etc.) is not.


Serviced Office

Serviced Office, as its name implies, is the office where all office furniture is ready and all office services such as administrative assistant, dues such as electricity, heating, cooling are managed by the leased company.


Fixed Desk

Our open workspace services are in Istanbul; Maslak Sun Plaza, Ataşehir Palladium, in Ankara; Via Flat. We expect to see you at our ” Fixed Desk ” locations, an alternative working environment for those who prefer not to work in a home-office, café environment or who are tired of working in a fixed office space.


Meeting Rooms

We invite you to try our meeting rooms at all of our locations. We prepare technical infrastructure and personnel to support you during your service before your meeting begins. During the meeting we offer tea, coffee and cookies. We provide the easiest, most flexible and most economical booking and payment conditions.


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