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Fixed Desk

Shared Serviced Office

Unlike in cafes where there are a lot of distractions, focus only on your work without compromising your concentration by being in a professional environment.

Private security entrance, private lockable tables and lockers where you can safely leave your belongings.

Unlimited tea, coffee and refreshments.

What is Fixed Table?

At Plaza Cubes, we offer you the opportunity to work in open workspaces that are becoming increasingly popular abroad.

Our open workspace services are in Istanbul; Maslak Sun Plaza, Ataşehir Palladium, in Ankara; Via Flat. We expect to see you at our  ” Fixed Desk ” locations, an alternative working environment for those who prefer  not to work in a home-office, café environment or who are tired of working in a fixed office space. Enjoy a professional working environment with your desk-office in “Fixed Table” without the cost of a fixed office space.

You can work comfortably without loosing concentration with the fixed desk, locked lockers and lounge areas.

Fixed Desk Privileges

plaza cubes toplantı odası Usage of Plaza cubes meeting rooms, lounge areas, all of which offer a social environment, and many opportunities to meet and collaborate with open space workers like you.

Do not over look the costs of working in cafes. Sip free tea / coffee all day in the Plaza-Cubes Fixed Desk locations. Treatments such as bagels, cheeses and cakes are served on a regular basis. Bon Apetit!

sanal ofis sekreterlik hizmetiThanks to our card entry system, you will always be comfortable, concentrate on  your work and have a piece of mind.

You or your company can have a more professional image by offering a prestigious business address and phone to your customers.

sanal ofis zaman tasarrufuWe provide private office services by providing 24/7 usage of all Fixed Desk Locations and  our guest relations executives can answer your phones during business hours.

merkezi hazır ofis All of our Fixed Desk locations accessible by mass transit and metro lines.

You can safely leave your personal belongings in private lockers.

sanal ofis esnek paketlerFlexible packages, ability to move from one package to another, and the option to choose from many options.


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