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Meeting Rooms

We invite you to try our meeting rooms at all of our locations.

We prepare technical infrastructure and personnel to support you during your service before your meeting begins. During the meeting we offer tea, coffee and cookies. We provide the easiest, most flexible and most economical booking and payment conditions.  While we are out there working for you, you are making your vital decisions safely in your ‘meeting rooms’.


  • Starts from 190 TL + VAT

  • 0-15 pax meeting room rent fee 450 TL + VAT

Advantages of renting a Meeting Room from Plaza Cubes

plaza cubes toplantı odası Plaza cubes meeting rooms enable you to hold your customer interviews in a professional meeting environment

plazada kiralık ofisMake your meetings with your customers in the most prestigious plazas of Istanbul and Ankara.

Take advantage of unlimited tea, coffee and other beverages for you and your customers.


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