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Let’s find your office and design it according to your specifications.

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Capex “0”

What are the advantages 250 m²+?

  • Plaza Cubes has the experience of managing office space over 35,000 m2, four cities 13 different locations.
  • Our carefully picked locations are in city centers, primarily where the business world is concentrated, with proximity to transportation and shopping areas.
  • All our clients have access to all office locations and meeting rooms in all areas.
  • We are in locations where you can easily reach by public transport and your vehicle.

What Do Our Customers Think About Us?

What Do We Offer?

Daily Treats

Daily treats such as tea, coffee, espresso

High Speed ​​Internet

Reliable, high-speed wireless internet and Ethernet connectivity for your IT needs.

Meeting rooms

Technology-enabled meeting rooms to welcome your guests and reunite with the team.


Printer and all technical equipment necessary for all your office communication needs in our meeting rooms..


7/24 Secure Workspaces

Secretarial and Reception Services

Our staff receives and stores your cargos, and your incoming calls are answered in your company name.


Special care on office hygiene, offices cleaned and aerated regularly.

Private Hall

Creatively designed lounge and common areas for you to relax and socialize between work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plaza Cubes provides the management of all processes, from finding your office to designing it specifically for you, from the administrative management support you need to secretarial and welcoming services. In addition, we will inform you with a call for things that need your urgent attention.

The most significant financial advantage of custom design offices is in the absence of Capex costs. The investment cost items (CAPEX) required to start your business, such as equipment, furniture, buildings, computers, design, are zero.  Plaza Cubes makes all these investments on your behalf.

Plaza Cubes takes care of the management and costs of the relocation and office operation process for you. We build your office on a turnkey basis, and all your expenses are billed to you in a single invoice.

Your office is entirely private with our 250 m²+ Special Design office service. It is suitable for 24/7 use, and you and your employees can use the office by scanning the sensors on the doors and the entrance cards. Special note, the use of the lounge and refreshments can only be made between 09.00-18.00 on weekdays.

On the European side of Plaza Cubes in Istanbul;

  • Nidakule, Metrocity and Ferko Signature in Levent
  • Sun Plaza and Iz Plaza Giz in Maslak,
  • Kagithane Papirus Plaza Offices

On the Anatolian side of Istanbul;

  • Palladium Tower in Ataşehir,
  • In AND Plaza Kozyatağı,
  • Akkom Office Park offices in Ümraniye,

in Ankara;

  • Paragon Tower in Çukurambar,
  • Via Flat offices in Söğütözü,

in Izmir;

  • Mistral Tower office in Bayraklı,

in Germany

  • It has 1 office near Düsseldorf Medienhafen.

With 250 m²+, you have the right to use the lounges and meeting rooms in all locations of Plaza Cubes in 4 provinces and 13 areas.


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