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Disaster Recovery

Maybe your office services are interrupted due to an unforseen event, but not if you teamed up with Plaza Cubes. We are helping you to keep you in business with reserved space while your own workspace is effected by an emergency. Do not let the disaster lead to another wreckage. Keep your work under guarantee.

Guaranteed business continuity.

The preferred system for the mobile workforce.

All of the Plaza Cubes Locations.

Reservation guaranteed package

  • Guaranteed office space between 3 pre-determined offices in Asia and Europe
  • Available dedicated rescue area
  • Business continuity in 3 centers near Asia and Europe
  • IT infrastructure and customized phone solutions
  • Plan ahead by area location


  • 500 $ + KDV ‘den başlayan fiyatlarla

Two different packages that guarantee business continuity;

Work Area Business Continuity Changeable Location Package Reservation Guaranteed Package
Workplace RecoveryChangable Location / PackageReserve Package
Private Ready Office, Adsl Included (Wired And Wireless)
Office Entrance by Secure Card System, 24/7 Building Access
Dedicated line to each supplied workstation
Access to all Plaza Cubes Locations
Professional Call Scanning and call answering between 9: 00-18: 00 Answering Service in Turkish and English
Unlimited Tea and Coffee for You and Your Guests
Daily office cleaning Services
Monthly Heating, Cooling, Including Electricity and Building Expenses included
All phones with dedicated numbers
On-Site Reduced Meeting Room Access
On-Site Reduced Video Conference Connection

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